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    Location Approvers Affecting All Locations


      I have a request type that I've attached to an Approval Process for one location (we'll call it Detroit). I created the Approver Role Name with that location in mind as "Access request - Detroit" so I know I'm picking the right rules. Also added that Approver Role to the Detroit locations and assigned the correct approver.


      In the Approver Process I created a new process of "Filter update - Detroit". I added a step of "Initial" with the Location Approver of "Access request - Detroit". In "Request Types Support" I add the specific type needing approval.


      So now when we add a ticket for any other location we're getting an error in the approver process saying that "no location approver is selected for this location".


      To correct this I figured I would have to add more role names, assign them to approver roles, and create more approver processes with this same Request Type. But when I create new ones, and fill in the "Request Types Support" section, I no longer see that request type. It seems you can only use the request type one time. And that is tied down to just that location now.


      Any ideas? I can elaborate more or add screen shots as needed.


      Thanks for your help.