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    Number of Disks per Poller



      running the Beta on one sserver and having so far no problems when using 1 SAN with 196 Disks.¨


      Before i was trying to get 5 SAN connected with a total of about >900 disks, only 2 SAN's got discovered while the others were unreachable.


      Can someone let me know, if we need to install more pollers for the SRM as well.




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          Hi sevenup679,


          Thanks for participating in the Beta! In order to minimize confusion in the general purpose forum, I'd encourage all Beta feedback to be directed to the Group: Storage Manager Beta | thwack.


          Regarding your specific question, can you answer the following:

          1. Are you using SRM Orion or SRM Profiler?
          2. What types of arrays (SAN) are you trying to monitor?
          3. How many disks do you have on each SMI-S Provider?


          In general, if you are using SRM Orion, you should not be hitting a scalability limit that would require extra pollers at that disk count. I'm guessing the scalability thresholds are being hit on the providers.

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              I'm using the SRM Orion.

              Working with HP (3PAR) SAN.

              Every SAN has it's own provider.


              It might be though, that on the SAN's concerning i'm still polling for the old profiler.


              I'll check that.


              BTW: i've got only left 10 days on the eval license. is it possible to get an extension?