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    Web Reports - Any way to limit a report based on the currently logged in user's account limitation?


      Bit of a conundrum here ladies and gents:


      A number of clients have Service Delivery Managers who ask for various monthly reports, and these reports are identical apart from being limited to only show that customer's data. I'm pretty sure this is common to almost every SolarWinds house.


      In the past, I've simply copied one of the reports, and changed the limitation on it so that the output is right for the customer in question, then scheduled it so it's sent to the relevant SDM at the beginning of the month. There HAS to be a clever way to do it, so I've been racking my brains trying to work out how I can automate this. My idea:


      Customer *x* wants the same reports, every month. So, why don't I give them access to the Orion website, but limit it to just their nodes (using the existing custom property 'customer'), so they only see their own data (assume I've also created custom menus, node, application and interface views with appropriate changes). Part of this view will have a 'Reports' tab, and on this tab will be a series of 'Custom Report' resources, linked to one of the reports I've created earlier. Sounds simple enough.However, my only blocker here is this:


      How do I put a wildcard restriction into the reports so that when Customer A clicks on the report tab, and the reports are run, it'll only show the info for their nodes and then, when Customer B logs in, clicks on the report tab and the system runs the same report, the data shown is theirs, not customer A's?




      I want to have a report, which at runtime restricts itself based on the account restrictions configured for the currently logged on user.


      Can this be done?