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    Old versions of 3rd party updates being published


      I have started to mess with the new "Auto Publish Software Packages" feature and it seems that if I tell it to only publish the ones labeled as "(Upgrade)" it will still download every upgrade version that it knows of, some dating back years. If you do this to a product like iTunes my drives fill up incredibly fast (each iTunes installer is ~100MB) with installers that I will never use.

      Is there a way to do 1 of a few options:

      1. Only tell it to download non expired versions?
      2. Only have it download installers from the last X days? (
        1. Example: Download Chrome (Upgrades) within the past 60 days only.
      3. Have the Synchronization of 3rd party updates with PM only look to synchronize updates within the past X days?


      What options do you guys know of?