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    PM Auto Publish 3rd party updates questions


      I'm in the middle of testing the new Auto Publishing feature in PM.  I was very excited about this feature due to the fact that I have currently 37 WSUS servers that I have to publish to everytime a new update is released.


      However, I'm running into an issue already and not sure if it's related to the configuration, my lack of understanding how it works, or a bug.


      Initially I setup auto-publishing for one WSUS server and only a few products selected.  The next day there were some new 3rd party updates synched, the scheduled task ran and it published the new updates to my WSUS server.  I also configured it to email with the results and it did.  Awesome!


      Now, I'm trying to expand the scope of this feature as by adding more products and more WSUS servers.  Here's where my problems begins.

      1.  While reading the documentation, it states that updates without a direct download link will not be auto-published.  What if I go and download the content of a Java or Adobe update that doesn't have a direct downloaod link and then run the auto-publishing task.  Will it still not publish these updates?  I ask because I've tried this and it's not.

      2.  I added another WSUS server to my Auto-Publishing configuration.  I re-ran the task.  The task ran successfully, but 0 updates were published even though the target WSUS server didn't have the updates already.  Is the auto-publish feature a one time deal?  If a WSUS server is not in the scope when the task runs initially with the new updates, will it not publish those updates if re-run with additional WSUS servers selected?

      3.  Is there only one Auto-publishing task possible?  I would like to be able to setup separate auto-publishing task for each WSUS server and schedule them at different times.  This doesn't seem possible with the current feature.




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