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    SWIS Query Not Completing In Time Before Connection is Cut



      I have a SWIS Query running as shown below that will only work if I do not add the "RETURN XML AUTO" (takes 2.4 seconds to run) - How can I add this in my C# app without this?


      SELECT A.NodeID, B.Caption, A.Script, A.Group FROM Orion.NodesCustomProperties A INNER JOIN Orion.Nodes B ON A.NodeID=B.NodeID WHERE A.Group <> 'N/A' RETURN XML AUTO


      It seems to be a timing issue with the InformationService v3.  Is there a way to increase the timeout on this service over https?


      I also get weird errors inside the SWQL Studio where it says communication is in a Failed State for System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel