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    VIM polling appears broken with SAM 6.2 and NPM 11.5


      Been dealing with an ongoing issue where hardware health polling wasn't correct with some of my ESX hosts.  Working with support and have been unable to determine why disk polling seems to be failing.  Today I noticed that several VMs that were migrated between ESX hosts weren't showing on the correct hosts.  These guest VMs were migrated weeks ago.  In order to correct I had to change the polling method on the host to poll esx directly (which lost disk polling), then moving back to through VCenter updated the disk polling, but now shows disk off that are actually on.  In another instance, the ESX host re-appeared in italics as if it was not being monitored.  I had to correct this by disabling ESX polling on the monitored server, and re-enable it.  I also noticed I had to hit poll now in order to get some of the guests to update.  It would appear as if the VIM polling is no longer working on it's own since the upgrade.