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    Ok after much debate... upgrading to 11.x and need advice.


      I'm on Orion Platform 2014.1.0, SAM 6.1.0, NPM 10.7, NTA 3.11.0, IVIM 1.9.0 and after much discussion with everyone and reading threads I'm finally ready to get on 4.x NTA with the addition flow database.  I've decided I don't want NPM11.5 yet (sorry just not ready for that and all the hotfixes and stuff).  So I'm thinking is it 11.0.1 plus updating all of the plug in's afterward I should shoot for?  Can I goto 11.0.1 directly from 10.7 without 11.0 in between first?  (I believe so)


      Then I think I can just upgrade the modules to highest that's supported I'm looking for how far SAM, NTA, and IVIM can go while still running 11.0.1?  Also not a huge deal but I have one additional poller at each site with this build.


      Thanks for anyone's advice they can provide with this.  Everything is on VM's even the SQL server on it's own VM.  I'll be making snapshots of everything in case I have to roll back.  The NTA 4 part will be new since it's a new VM.  I know it'll take a while to convert that NTA data for one... can I shorted this easily somehow?  I did database maintenance already.





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          I went from 10.7 to 11.0.1 late last year. I think you will be fine moving NPM but you have to check the compatibility matrix here to make sure all your other modules are compatible with the upgrade. The NTA database does take a long time to migrate over so give yourself a good enough window so you do not feel rushed.

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              I did the same as well and I'm still on 11.0.1. You can't speed up the NTA change but mine only took about 30 mins or so. My database wasn't too bit though. My NTA database is now around 20Gb and holds about 6 days worth of info.

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                  thanks superfly99 and fatset5 I really appreciate all info that helps me decide what to do.  I'm looking forward to maybe a 11.6 or something later but right now 11.5 it too much risk for me and 11.01 sounds like I can run almost the newest versions of all of my modules except for the very last SAM one which is fine for me.


                  I know adding alert setup to the web interface was a huge undertaking and right now all of mine are working well and I depend on them for almost everything here so I can see you both totally understand where I'm coming from!!! Thanks again!


                  It looks like I can do With 11.0.1 it looks like we can do (newest module versions) SAM 6.1.x, Orion EOC 1.6.1, Orion NTA 4.1 and bring Virtualization Manager up to whatever newest version it will allow as well.  Looks like I'll be adding NCM now too possibly o.O!