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    Report Writer SQL Help


      Hi All,


      Complete SQL Noobie and struggling with writing a report.


      I need a report to display all nodes from the "Example"* comments that have not been rebooted in 90 days or greater.


      I can create a report using the templates for this however it is restricted to me having to select a date, which is not ideal.


      Any ideas?

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          Which version of NPM do you use. From NPM 10.7+ we introduced new reporting.

          1. Click report in web.

          2. Create new report.

          3. Pick Custom table.

          4. Pick Events as things which you need.

          5. Pick eventtype = Node rebooted.

          6. In edit pick what you want.

          7. Configure table.


          Be aware in default events are deleted after 30 days. Can be changed in settings of course.



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              WIll give this a go


              I was using the report writer and managed to get.... However it was giving me all of them.



              1. Nodes.Caption AS NodeName, Nodes.LastBoot AS Last_Boot, DATEDIFF(day, Nodes.LastBoot, getdate()) AS no_of_days





              (Nodes.Comments LIKE '%Plymouth%')



              ORDER BY 2 DESC