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    updates needed


      why does patch manager say I need for example, 39! updates and yet none of my machines need any ot

      f the updates one example is it says I need windows 7 sp1 but none of my machines report to wsus as needing these updates, patch manager and wsus are a little out of sync so it give me and incorrect amount of patched percentage, I can open wsus and see that under unapproved and failed or needed it is all good. Please update this to show real updates needed.

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          Hey Wesleyhey:


          There are two things to note about the WSUS information vs. what you see in PM:


          1) Most importantly, you need to schedule an Inventory task for the given WSUS server (and every WSUS server you use).  Now I myself thought it was "inventory" as in asset mgt, and I didn't set mine up right away, so I didn't see correct info on my reports.  What the task really does is to copy information from your WSUS DB to the PM DB so that it's available for reports.  You should also do this for any AD domains you have defined that you want to run config reports on.  It does the same thing, only extracting the data from AD to PM.  Note that the most frequent schedule you can use is one hour, so your PM DB will always be slightly off from whatever is in WSUS: whatever happened in the last hour won't show up until the "Inventory" (extraction) task for that hour completes.


          2) Secondly, and unfortunately, the Patch Manage web console information is misleading if you deploy only approved patches.  There is currently no way to see approved patch counts in the web resources because they aren't copied from PM to Orion: only total counts are copied.  That means you must use a periodic PM report to actually see the Approved counts.  If you don't use the Approved-only deployment model, then the counts on the web page should be accurate to within the hour.  There's an update schedule you have to set in the PM web console config, and the most frequent setting there is again (IIRC) one hour.


          I hope that helps!