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    About IPAM



      We are searching a solution to configure cable modems in docsis network.


      We have different types of cable modems for docsis 1, docsis2 and 3.

      What we are looking for is a solution to do that stuff.

      We need a database backend for dhcp configuration, possibility to add static ip per device based on mac address, live configuration

      changing without restarting all dhcp server, possibility of adding options 122 and working with relay agents.

      In our network we have several cmts and each cmts have its own ip pools, can ipam be configured in such way?

      Another important thing is that modem configuration have a very important for us line-filename that is telling

      each modem what docsis configuration file must be downloaded.

      What is maximum number of devices that ipam can configure? What database types support ipam?

      Does ipam support reloading without restarting?


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          Hey egrijuc


          I think you'll be needing a combination of both IP Address Manager and Network Configuration Manager for this. IPAM only deals with maintaining the list of addresses you have available, not actively divvying them out. That'd be done by your Cisco DHCP or equivalent. In this example you would add your Cisco DHCP as a DHCP to IPAM, and then configure the superscopes/addresses from within IPAM. The DHCP server(s) would then start dishing out the addresses, and you can use the historical information to search which device had which IP using it's MAC/BIA, among other things.


          Network Configuration Manager would help you configure your end devices, as it supports the automation of deployment of new configs and the running of scripts against devices it manages. Using this product you could connect to devices once deployed and make any changes remotely.


          With both of these products working together you could manage both your modems and your IP addresses from one product


          Hope that helps!