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    Full or incremental backup?


      Ok, I'm aware of the built-in backup capability of LEM using archiveconfig. I'm also aware that if the backup is scheduled, the first backup is a full backup whereas any subsequent backups are incremental backups. Now, let's say that I perform a one-time backup using archiveconfig. Then, in the near future, I perform another one-time backup but this time, I specify a different path for the backup destination. Will this second one-time backup perform a full backup or pick up from where the first one-time backup left off, even though it's a different path?

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          It's going to do a full backup to the new path, because it "touches" the destination to see what needs to be written/what is already there. When you change the path, it's like configuring a whole new backup from scratch.


          Now if you do want to continue the previous incrementals in the new path, you could try copying the previous backup files to the new path, potentially it would see the previous files and just continue the incrementals. Would copy, not move just in case.