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    NPM and Netflow1024 Issue


      Does anyone know what this is:




      Currently I have the latest NPM an NTA as of 4-20-2015.


      After we upgrade to the latest version we noticed a new element on several of our core devices, it shows up  where the Interfaces and VLANS show up ( in NPM). On several of our CORE Cisco 6500 there is this new  device that shows up as:



      where xxxx is a 4 digit number.


      This device does not exist on any of our core devices


      Everything is fine until this device goes into an Unknown state, at which point it makes your node Status  be "up" but it has the Grays out dot is it has an interface in an unknown state.


      the problem is that this interface can't be deleted the normal way ( through the node management), I opened two TAC cases, one with NPM and one with NTA  but neither group knew where this device is coming from, as there is nothing in the Cisco switch called Netflowxxxx.


      They were able to delete this interface from the Database utility (from the server), however on some of the nodes this device comes back up.


      does anyone have any idea on what this is?  why is it showing here? where does it come from ?


      current versions we are  running: