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    FTP Site Profile Manager - connect vs quick connect


         I'm a professional musician and use FTP Voyager  to upload updated pages to my website. I've used the product probably since around 1999-2000, when I did a couple years of very basic web work as a developer, but I am totally away from the world of development for over a decade now. I had an auto-saved password on the Connect log-in box of FTP Voyager, and over the years, something happened that I no longer have that password. I know the User ID, but since there is no official support for Voyager because it is a free product now, I'm uncertain what to do. Meanwhile, I am able to use the Quick Connect, and I do have the User ID and Password for my domain, so I've been able to upload the files that way.

         I recently had someone hack my password and they uploaded over a hundred folders onto my website. I've since changed my server password to something very strong. I sought out phone support only to find that I cannot get any. I wanted to get all my password ducks in a row, so to speak -- I have no idea how to reset the basic Connect password.

      { So my question }: Is it a big deal that I can only log into my FTP Voyager via the Quick Connect? (and not the basic Connect)


      ~ Rebecca

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          I may be misunderstanding the situation, but I think you'll be fine.


          Password are ALWAYS validated on a server, never the client.  The client may store a password for ease-of-use, but it will never be in charge of validating anything.


          If passwords were validated on clients, it would be easy for a malicious user to write a program that always told a server "this person's password is valid, give him access to everything".


          Since you had your server account password changed, it should be okay.  You have a stale stored password on your client that won't do anyone any good.