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    Study Guides


      What have certified individuals found to be helpful in studying for the certification tests?  Obviously, the product documentation but anything outside of that?  Possibly video training as well, sample tests, etc?

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          The videos and SCP preparation guide helped me a bit but getting hands on experience with the products will benefit you a lot more. I found that helped me when I was preparing for the SCP exam.


          SCP Learning Center – Network Management Training Videos


          You can download a 30 day free trial for any of the SolarWinds Products.




          Remember if you don't pass it the first time you still have another chance you get three attempts to try and pass the test.


          Best of luck with the studies.

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            In my case I used the SCP training videos that samwebb listed above along with about a years worth of experience under my belt operating and managing NPM, NCM, and NTA.  I didn't think the test was that difficult in comparison to some other tests I've taken such as the CCNA.  I decided to take the test while on vacation with family and what appeared to be a spotty internet connection so dealt with yelling in the background as well as 10-15 disconnects during the test and still managed to pass.  As stated above you get 3 chances to pass so if you feel comfortable after going through the training videos I would give it a go.