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    how to find a VM with MAC Adress ?

    gildas declercq

      Hi all,


      today an admin asked me details about a machine. ip was know but I could not find it as vmtools were down.

      As I was wondering if it was really a VM, the admin gave me the MAC address.


      I finally found the machine, a VM as the MAC address proved it, but I found it by chance.

      I tried a search by MAC address but did succeed.


      As anyone done it?

      Any hints on which direction to look for ?






        • Re: how to find a VM with MAC Adress ?



          did you try using vm.nic.macAddress attribute? The search query may look like this:



          Another option (or workaround) is to export all vitual machines together with their MAC address:

          1. select all VMs and press "Export Results"

          2. add the "vm.vnic.macAddress" attribute and run the export


          As soon as the report finishes you can download XLS table with list of virtual machines and all their MAC addresses:


          Is it helpful?