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    Alert with incorrect information




      I am creating an alert that will be alerted when the process java.exe> = 2.5 GB. As the image below:


      However, the alert inform two processes: java.exe and http and incorrect values. What can I doing wrong?


      Thanks =)

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          First, make sure the memory thresholds you are using are not based on the server memory values, which it looks like they are.  If you want to alert specifically when the process is using this amount of memory, then edit the application and set warning and critical thresholds for this memory consumption.  Once set, set your alert to the process name and the threshold value of warning or critical. 


          In regards to the wrong process, if this is happening when you are "testing" the alert, then that is to be expected as all the test is going is ensuring the values from your trigger action can be pulled, and does not take into account what you have in the trigger condition.