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    How to apply a conversion\formula to an alert ?


      I have created an interface alert that inform me of the following for a specific Interface:


      Xmit bps    is greater than or equal to     8388608


      (traffic OUT of the interface greater than 8.0 Mbps)



      In the response action I have it configured to e-mail me the following:


      OUT Bps: ${Outbps}


      I get the following results in e-mail:


      OUT Bps: 3.626455E+07


      That works out to be 34.5 Mbps when converted


      bps to Mbps Converter, Chart -- EndMemo


      is there a way to do the conversion in the e-mail so I can get something like:



      OUT Bps: 34.5 Mbps


      maybe apply a conversion or formula?


      Custom pollers not used in this case as all the information required can be provided by NPM alert variables


      NPM v11.0.1