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    Just stood up LEM, and admin account is read-only?


      We just stood up three LEM servers (on different networks) and I am able to login with the default admin account. The first thing I tried to do was create a user... but when I went to Users, all the user creation options were greyed out and inaccessible. So I thought, I bet I need to add the Active Directory connector, and went to add a connector... that's when I get a message that the admin account is read-only.


      If it's the only LEM account on a brand new server, how did we go wrong? We have Solarwinds LEM (along with NPM and a lot of other modules) setup fine on another network, I can't figure out where we went wrong deploying these LEM servers.


      I have read the install documentation but this isn't covered, watched the install videos, and searched Thwack but no one seems to have posted a problem like this one.