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    IPAM report questions


      I am trying to create a report that shows all of the *used* IP addresses on some subnets.


      I will divert here because *used* IP addresses to me are IP addresses that are being used and therefore not available to anything else. However, in IPAM IP addresses can be "used" or "reserved". Just running the stock "used" report does not give you all of the IP addresses being used.


      Anyway, back to my issue. I am having trouble because I can't seem to get a system name consistently. The name could be in the System Name field, the DHCP Client Name, or the Host Name. I don't see where I can use the name that is associated with the record in Orion. I also don't get a MAC address consistently but that is not important to me at this point.


      The big picture here is: In order for my peers to accept using IPAM as THE IP address list (we currently use both Excel spreadsheets and Sharepoint) I have to make sure that the list is available should either Orion or a network connection go down. My idea is to schedule a report to be saved as a PDF to the DFS share that will then be replicated to each site automatically.


      So, I will need the name, IP Address, and possibly some other fields like MAC, descritpion, contact, etc...


      Has anyone done this? Any suggestions on how to add the Orion name to the report?


      Thanks much in advance!

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          I found that turning on Neighbor scanning helps with discovering devices (including Mac Addresses) not available for Ping. Basically looks it up in the ARP table on the gateway router for that device. If it does not communicate much over the gateway and does not answer to Ping requests it is possible devices might not show up. I always recommend to our teams, as part of certification of new systems on the network is to make sure our polling server can see them.


          Here is a quick report I created to do about the same thing. This was created using the web report writer:

          Active and Reserved IP Addresses Report


          You will want to edit it, and create a schedule to save to a share and add any columns I may have omitted that you would like. I used System Name. I could have added Alias and DHCP Name, but System Name seems to help the most.


          Also I would recommend adding your DHCP and DNS servers to IPAM. This integration along with the neighbor scans should give you the best data available. The reset will need to be imported (and the flag changed to not update data dynamically when scanned) for the remanning items.

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            I am sorry I never saw the reply to this until now. I seem to only get on thwack when I am having issues which thankfully isn't very often.


            Two things nova, first when I added all of our DNS and DHCP servers, it seemed to just make duplicate subnets and messed everything up. I have my subnets split into location and then subnet ranges. Since I can't really throttle the scanning we found out then when we scanned a large subnet (.254) it would tie up all the VPN connections at certain sites and bring the sites to a stop.


            Second, I resolved the issue by writing a sql script that scans for names in several tables and if it is missing in one table it copies it to the others. Now no matter what report I run if Orion has a name somewhere for a node it shows up. The script is scheduled to run daily.


            I have not tried neighbor scanning. I may have to give it a try!