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    NPM with APEs (Additional Poller Engines) licensing




      I am having trouble finding answers to two questions that I am getting from management.


      I have never deployed NPM before and I am trying to find out if, when deploying NPM across 5 different sites (One being the primary site), how the licensing works.


      Question 1) If we were to buy the SL2000 license, does that mean that we can monitor up to 2000 elements across all 5 sites with a maximum of 400 elements per site or does that mean that I would need to purchase five SL500 licenses for each of the 5 sites to upload to each individual APE?


      Question 2) If we have one primary NPM and 4 other APEs across all other 4 regions, does each APE need to have it's own local SQL server with local LUNs that the data needs to be stored onto or can all of the APEs send data over the WAN to the primary NPM SQL server/LUNs?


      Thanks ahead of time all.  If anyone knows what documentation spells out the answers to my questions, that would be ideal, but I will take an answer from any angle at this point.


      - Daniel


      P.S.  Does the rule change at all if we get the SLX license?