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    NTA Traffic Flow


      Hi All,


      Here's another traffic related question. How much traffic does NTA genrate? I am talking about monitoring approximately 200 devices using standard NTA polling rates.



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          Craig Norborg

          Hmm...  Since you're asking how much traffic does NTA generate, I'm guessing you want to know how much data passes between the poller and the NTA flow storage database server?   I believe I have ~1800 nodes in my NTA database and I'm seeing on average probably less than 2Mb/sec of traffic to the FSDB server, with bursts up to maybe 20Mb/sec on occasion.   YMMV on this as it does depend on the characteristics of your network.


          If you're wondering how much traffic Netflow itself generates from the routers to your polling engines, that can depend on a number of factors.  One being the amount of traffic your router is passing, the # of different sources, destinations and protocols being used, and lets not forget how you have your routers exporting netflow packets.   If you don't set your "flow-cache timeout" values, it will wait for a traffic flow to end before sending it out or the default value of 30 minutes (which will look like spikes in your traffic at that point).   If you set your flow-cache timeouts to a lower value to get updates more often, it sends more packets - but you get more reliable take on traffic patterns.


          Remember that unlike SNMP, which polls your routers every X minutes no matter if there is anything happening on that router or not, Netflow is pushed out by the router when it see's network traffic flowing across it.   Each flow consists of information like I mentioned above, source IP, destination IP, source port, destination port, QoS values, etc. etc...   The flows will only be sent when the traffic terminates, or when the flow-cache timeout's are reached.  But, if there is no traffic on the router, no flows will be generated...   This is unlike SNMP which will pretty much always transfer about the same amount of information each time it polls, regardless of whether there has been any traffic on the router or not.

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            It still depends on nodes polling (nr of interfaces, nr of defined TCP and UDP ports etc.). So I'd estimate the traffic for 500 - 1000 MB per hour.

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