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    Want to monitor URL in Solarwinds


      Hi All,


      Is there anyway to monitor website URL in Solar winds?


      Please suggest.

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          Hi saroopmalhi

          If you want to capture website URLs then one option is to use packet capture to extract the URLs via a SPAN or mirror port. Once you have your SPAN port setup you can use an application like LANGuardian which can also integrate with SolarWinds Orion. Demo at link below





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            If you are using Cisco Equipment in your network, use and IP SLA Operation process (see Cisco Doc for configs). To start, take the default settings plus the times you want this to be acted on, say every 5 minutes.


            I used this because some websites do not permit ICMP PING. Pinging the website is therefore useless!!!!!

            For example:  If you wanted to monitor a site that may do your payroll functions, to make sure it is up, construct an Operation to test for a positive response from the first page. Once that functions, you can get the information out of the Cisco device and use that to monitor in NPM.

            Here is an example that I have used on a switch. I have blanked out the IP address and the tag (label for the operation).

            CISCO commands:

            config t

            ip sla 216 (operation number of your choosing from 1 to who cares)

            http get (your needed destination IP address from the website is here)

            timeout 5000

            tag [your title here]

            frequency 300 (every 5 minutes)


            Then enter "exit" to return to "config" level


            ip sla schedule 216(or whatever op number you used) life forever start-time now (this statement is NOT in the IP SLA Config but rather in the "config" level.


            To monitor the OPERATION while in the device, enter the command:


            Sho IP SLA MON <return>

            do this several time against the operation noting that you have put a delay of 5 minutes in between intervals. Run the show command for about 20 minutes to see if your results are what you expect.


            When satisfied, use a custom poller such as this in NPM:


            Use SW Tools to find the mibs you desire or start at the following mib in the mib tree:


            First, look for the mibs starting at which is the RTTMON-MIB:rttMonLatestHttpOperRTT mib. This is the Round Trip Time taken to perform the HTTP operation.

            Also, you will want and 4 and 5 and 6. These will assist you in getting some meaningful stats.

            I suggest that you either create a chart to be used on a separate page or use it on the page(s) of the specific device. You might also want to create this in Chart form so that all of the values show up on a single chart. If you need help with that, let me know.


            Thirdly, and I'm sorry that this is so long, create an ALARM that looks for a value of ZERO from the .6 portion of the mib. If the value is "1", it was successful. If it is zero, you need to know this. You can vary the amount of time before an alarm is tripped but get it to work first.

            To test the alarm, block the IP address in your network to get the failure.


            One final note, to change any values in a Cisco IP SLA operation, you must delete the entire operation (no IP SLA number). First copy your operation commands and put them in notepad. Then change the values or add the commands that you might want. Copy the entire new operation set and paste it into the Config T of the Cisco device. Remember that the last line needs to be done at the Config level.


            I hope that this helps you and everyone else.



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