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    Advanced Alert Manager Junkies, how does one show which process is causing a single core to go into Warning on a *Nix system


      Hi all! Once again I am back with a question that is probably so obvious of an answer that it seems as if I haven't tried. Believe me I have. The issue I have today is a bit odd (at least I think it is) but I have faith that you gurus will know what to do.


      We are monitoring several boxes in multiple data centers running the same software and identical hardware. In one data center, and only one, the system is showing that a single core is causing the blades to go into a warning state. I have checked the phyiscal nodes and their corresponding OS and software and have found that it appears to be a specific service that is running double time in this data center. That isn't the question though. How do I get Orion to tell us what process it is when it sends the core into Warning? I have checked through AAM and cannot seem to locate the settings needed.



      Any and all help is appreciated! If you need more details, please let me know!