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    Bug in Asset list?


      I'm fairly new to WHD and have been working on importing an asset list from Sharepoint to WHD.  After pulling my hair out for several hours due to mismatches between exports of my asset lists, I discovered what I think is a bug in the Asset List.  Here's the steps I'm taking and the error I'm getting:

      1. Search Assets with no search criteria (display all assets)

      2. My list of assets is displayed, but there are a number of assets that have an empty "Legacy Vendor" field (this is a custom asset field I created).  See attached image 1

      3. If I click on one of these assets, I can see the "Legacy Vendor" field has data. See attached image 2

      4. I click "Done" on the asset details to get back to the list of all assets.

      5. The asset that didn't show "Legacy Vendor" now show's data in this column. See attached image 3


      Note - no data was changed during the above procedure.  All the "Legacy Vendor" information was imported via a TSV file.


      I'm hoping I don't have to click through all my problematic assets.  I have a few hundred to go...