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    Anyone care to help with this alert?


      This is a custom SQL query that validates just fine. But when I finish the alert, it will never fire off. SolarWinds said I should try you guys. But any idea would be outstanding.2015_04_14_14_52_21_Edit_Alert_75_of_Calls_.jpg

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          can you run that query directly against your database and get results?




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            In your initial query, you have the rate within single quotations. You might need to remove these, as it tends to look at items within single quotations as strings rather than values. e.g. It might think 9 is a string like a word, instead of a number. This is good for the CustomPollerAssignmentID, but not the rate.


            Once you do this, just make sure you write out your actions to include Rate or Value as numeric.


            Hope this helps at least a little. =)

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                I took out the ' '


                It still Validated, but nothing yet on the alerts.

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                    1. Looks like you are setting this up through the web console, which tells me you are running 11.5, right? (I'm not running 11.5, so this could complicate any assistance I might be able to provide...however I know the Loop1 guys should be able to help if you continue to have issues).

                    2. When you build an alert in 11.5 it should tell you how many devices fit the requirement to alert on it before you complete it....what does it tell you? If it's 0, then the problem is the logic of the alert trigger.

                    3. In the alert, do you have a "condition must exist for x time" stipulation? You might just not have an alert yet.


                    I'll let you know if I think of something else that might be causing this, but have you thought of just setting this up as a standard alert instead of Custom SQL? The same attributes you're trying to filter on should be readily available.


                    As long as you know the name of your poller, you can do this:


                    "Trigger Alert when All of the following apply:

                         Poller Name contains (or is equal to works here) <Name>

                         Rate is equal to or greater than 9"


                    Easier to configure and for the next engineer to understand. Just an idea, don't know if you're planning on making this more complex in the future. =)