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    Ticket open times


      Has anyone noticed that the time that the page is opened is the time that is on the ticket as open?  I think it should be when a user clicks on submit and not when the page is opened.  Here is what we did as a test.


      Open the Ticket creation screen

      Wait 5 minutes

      Create the ticket


      The open time was the time we opened the page and not the time we submitted the ticket.  With some 30 minute SLAs, this is a problem for us.  Has anyone else seen this and fixed the issue?


      Thank you

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          Update.  This seems to be an issue with multi-time zones.  We have techs in India and techs here in US.  Us techs are not seeing the issues.  India Techs are.  We are also seeing the same type of issue with Reports.  If a tech in Kolkata runs the report "Weekly closed tickets", the report displays all tickets.  If someone in the US runs the same report, then the US tech only sees the closed tickets from the past week.  I am going to open a ticket with SolarWinds.

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