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    Help with my first upgrade


      I recently became admin for our SolarWinds instance and will be upgrading the system this coming Thursday.  Below is what we currently have

      Primary Poller \ Primary Web Server,  Secondary Poller, Secondary Web Server, NTA Flow DB, Orion DB and below are the versions we currently have and want to go to.


      Being this is my first upgrade can someone please give me some direction, helpful hints, suggestions?  Looking at the upgrade path charts it looks as if we can just perform the upgrades without having to step anything.  I am assuming upgrade NPM first then IPAM and UDT.  Every had to reinstall existing modules that we are not upgrading?


      Any help would be appreciated.



      IPAM 4.24.3
      NCM 7.3.2
      NTA 4.1.0

      VNQM 4.2




      VNWM 4.2
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          These can all be done as straight upgrades with no intermediate steps. A few tips:


          1. Backup your database first. I've never needed it, but backup your database first.

          2. If you have both a primary poller and additional polling engines, upgrade the primary server before the APEs.

          3. Stop all SolarWinds services on all pollers before upgrading the primary.

          4. Upgrade NPM before upgrading any of the other modules.

          5. Did I mention backup the database? Backup the database.


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            NPM 11.5 is a big upgrade and is required before UDT 3.2.1

            UDT 3.2.1 is not GA, and is likely to be replaced by UDT 3.2.2, never making it to GA.

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              Hello Jon ,


              You should be in good shape, nothing is that far back.  To add to what clubjuggle mentioned make sure you give your self plenty of time to preform the upgrade.  Once you upgrade to NPM 11.5 your going to want to install hotfix 4 right away.  Solarwinds is recommending this hot fix even if your not experiencing any of the current issues to prevent you from having them in the future.  The hotfix is straight forward but can take some time because you are backing up current files and replacing them in different directories, not to mention you will have to do it on two pollers.  As  long as you give your self enough time and take it one step at a time you should be good.  As mentioned above back up that database before you start.

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                Dont' forget to download the bundles for the APE. I will tell you that the bundle STILL includes NTA 3.11 so you have to use the NTA 4.1 install on the APEs. The bundle install will bark at you if it's not on there, but ignore it and go forward. For now, NTA is still a separate install on your APEs.


                Dave Burton

                Loop1 Systems