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    ipNetToMediaTable Timing out


      Hi all,


      I'm having a major headache with 2 devices not reporting their ARP tables into UDT.


      I have 2 layer 3 Cisco 3750X switches that will not feed their ARP tables into UDT.  I have been playing with UDT compatibility checker and SNMPwalk and have found some quirks.  I ran both tools against a comparable switch with the same config, and everything passes.  On these 2 problem switches, when you run the UDT compatibility checker, the ipNetToMediaTable, OID fails due to a timeout, error code 31040.  When you SNMP walk it, i am able to view everything.


      The switches are Cisco 3750X IOS 15.0.2SE6 and 15.2.1E.  All the switches that report correctly are 12.x.x.  I am using SNMPv3.  When i added a SNMPv2 community string, the UDT tables populated.


      I have tickets open with Solarwinds and Cisco.  Both are saying the problem is with the other.  I'm stuck in the middle with no solution, no data, and superiors up the food chain waiting for completed reports.


      Has anyone encountered this issue?  If so have you found a solution?


      Thanks much,