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    Need SPM Report - Installed software count w/ computer name


      I apologize if this has been discussed. Feel free to redirect me to any other posts that cover this topic.


      I would like to create a report that displays a list of all installed programs, a count of how many managed items each program is installed on, then hopefully have a list of these managed items without having each installed program listed 100 times (random #), or one for each managed item.  I know there are predefined reports to get the software list with a count as well as the "Installed Software and features basic." Neither of these produce the report I want and I can't seem to make proper adjustments to them to obtain the desired report.


      Am I dreaming when I say I want this?


      Thanks for any help!


      R. Gentz jr

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          Hi There: Not sure which reports you've tried to edit, but in the spirit of mentioning the simplest thing first, have you tried modifying the "return" lines option to "Exclude duplicate rows" vs "All rows"?  It's in the upper left-hand corner of your row selection when editing a report.  This should allow you to run certain reports without producing a ton of extra lines.  Otherwise, mention which report is closest to what you want and maybe we can offer editing suggestions.


          Hope that helps!

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            Hmm .. the closest i think you can get to this count would be to run the Installed Programs and Features Basic report, then GROUP BY the Display Name column by dragging it to the dark grey area right above the column header line.   This will cause the various software apps to be listed on the left, but with a parentheses to the right of the name containing the count.   Technically the report still contains one line for each instance of each piece of software, but in that view (with the grouping by Display Name) they aren't all visible at once...and you have the option of expanding a particular app name to see which computers have it and what specific version.


            When you export it to Excel with it grouped like that, I believe that it maintains the grouping in the exported file when you open it in Excel.