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    How to create an alert for a device with no hostname


      I tried looking for an answer to my question and if there is one, I apologize for asking it again....


      We are using UDT for rogue/unknown devices within our network.  Currently I am allowing all IP addresses and MAC addresses but filtering on Hostnames.  The reasoning behind this is that we use DHCP for a few of our devices so it would be incredibly hard to filter on IP.  We also have multiple vendors including HP, Dell, Cisco and etc so filtering on MAC Addresses would be difficult to exclude a rogue HOP machine or etc.


      At first I added our domain to the whitelist but fear that some unknown devices may pick up our domain name and pass through undetected.  Instead, I am using a wildcard DNS list. 


      My question is how do I tell the system to alert me if the hostname is blank?  We were doing some testing and the device in question does not have a computer name and we did not receive any alerts about the device which scares me.  My only thought is that since there is no computer name/hostname, it did not alert.