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    Problems with web-based alerting


      Hello, since upgrading SAM and NPM to the latest versions and using Web Based Alerting I've noticed a lot of problems.  Just wondered if anyone else has come across any of these problems:


      • On editing alerts created in Advanced Alert Manager it you have to re-add email addresses, we fire alerts off to several people and get a message to enter a valid email address when on the trigger.  Won't move until, we delete them and re-add them.
      • And variables needing updating such as the Acknowledgement URL.  On an alert that I've edited I had to change the variable from {$AcknowledgemenURL} to ${N=Alerting;M=AcknowledgeUrl}.  Otherwise it just shows the server name in the URL.  Other variables need changing too.
      • When searching for variables or changing the criteria to show all variables takes a very long time.  Like the below, left for several minutes.
      • Capture1234.PNG


        Some good features in the web-based alerting, but seems to take an age to do anything and have to update the variables is most annoying.