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    Building a Custom Deployment Package Using a .CMD or .BAT


      We have a product that needs to be rolled out to all of our servers, and it has a very straight forward install that uses a command line string to kick off a .cmd file.  I have been searching through a number of threads here to see how others have been able to address this, but their scenario seems different enough that there are some gaps that I am hoping to get answered.


      I found an application that will convert a .cmd/.bat file to a .exe so that I can upload that file into the custom package, and then I tried to add the "Command Line (Silent Install) field, but I'm not sure that is even where I should be adding that information.


      Basically, the command line just calls the .cmd or exe file.  I left the prerequisite rules empty as there are really no requirements, software installs on any version of OS.  Downloaded the files, added all of the supporting files that are referenced as extra content, then published to WSUS and tried to install.  The results show that it may not be applicable to the test machine I chose.  Not sure where to go from here, or how to validate if things are working correctly, etc.


      Any pointers to documentation (other than the generic Admin docs that I've already read), would be greatly appreciated.  Tried to talk with support, but they aren't allowed to give any advice on custom deployments.