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    Looking for help. JimZ


      On my config summary page within NCM I have 3 NCM nodes listed. I changed one of them and now it shows up as unknown. I need to change it back to what I had it before. I go into add or manage nodes under NCM Settings. I then go into the custom property editor. I then select manage custom properties and check region where I have the 3 values built.

      Property Name:           

                                      No spaces allowed in this field
                      Format:            Any alpha and numeric text
                      Restrict values:           


                      Usage:                            Select how this property will be used:                                       


      I go back to my Config summary page and it shows the following:

      NCM Node List

                  Grouped by Region, City, Fault_Zone



      It shows the America's, Apac but it is not showing Emea value in which I have built.

      How do I change the unknown to Emea?

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          If you deleted the EMEA option from the restricted values list, I believe it would have also deleted it from any node which contained that value (the value reverting to NULL, therefore unknown). What you need to do is go to the Manage Nodes page, click Custom Property Editor, group by Region.Click on Unknown on the left side, click the "Select All" box, click "Select All Object" if you have more than one page of results, click Edit Multiple Values, and change the value back to EMEA. Once you do this, this should then show up as an option once again.