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    DPA 9.1 Email Settings; From address


      I'm implementing DPA and trying to get mail to work. Using Company Mail Server (we have Office 365) I need to have a specific string in 'From' and DPA changes it to dpa@solarwinds.com which will cause it to end up in the dead mail folder. Is there a way to change this?


      WARN   (2015-04-09 13:40:03,682.MST) [http-8123-1] MailServiceImpl - Invalid mail.from address [Relay-DoNotReply]. Default [dpa@solarwinds.com] will be used [parsingError=Out of data at position 17]

      INFO   (2015-04-09 13:40:03,682.MST) [http-8123-1] MailServiceImpl - Created mail sender [properties=[mail.useEmbeddedServer=false, mail.reply-to=, mail.smtp.connectiontimeout=60000, mail.smtp.timeout=60000, mail.domain=, mail.host=, mail.port=25, mail.useDefaultServer=false], user=null, protocol=null]