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    Configure template to specific e-mail account




      I was wondering if somebody else came across this issue. This is what we try to achieve:


      • WHD is configured to check various e-mail accounts (7x at the moment)
      • All incoming e-mails from any of the e-mail accounts opens a ticket and a "open ticket greeting" e-mail is send to the user as specified in the template


      All this tickets are assigned to the pool "ServiceDesk" and will be checked and processed from here.


      Now we would like to setup an 8th e-mail account that will get a different "open ticket greeting" e-mail. And this is were the problem starts. This is what we have done so far:


      New mail account:

      • "incoming mail account"
      • "Tech Group"
      • "Request Type"


      New template

      • "Description"
      • "Template"
      • "Status Type" (and here starts the problem. Because we cannot chose "open" as status type ((already in use))
      • Request Type "specific" = added the request type as in mail account


      If an e-mail is send to the new e-mail account a ticket is opened and given the correct "Tech Group" and "Request Type". So that tickets get to the correct pool (or incoming ticket queue). So far so good.

      But the template sent as a reply to the new ticket is the standard one and not the new template with different text (which is important to us).


      We thought if we change the settings of the standard template Request Type "specific" and assign the other request types to this (except the new one for the different e-mail account) will trigger the correct new template. But this is not the case.


      I was of the opinion that each incoming mail account can been given a different template to answer. For example:


      • Mail account A = triggers template "Welcome to WHD"
      • Mail account B = triggers template "Welcome to Helpdesk"
      • Mail account C = triggers template "Welcome to our Voice Helpdesk"
      • Mail account D = triggers template "Welcome to our AV Support"


      But all tickets will get the status "open" and assigned to a different "Tech Group" and "Request Type".


      Any ideas of how to configure WHD to achieve this?