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    Finalize migration/DB cleanup


      So I've successfully added a new NPM server, pointed it to our current SQL database and it's up and running. I've also added all the other Modules, SAM, IPAM, NTA, UDT, IVIM, etc. Everything is going wonderfully and the new server is working great. The problem I ran into is I noticed several references in the database to the old server's website. I didn't notice until I stood up a new Alert Central and got alert emails referencing the old instance. The detailsUrl and entityUrl point to the old server which has been turned off during the last phase of testing the new server.


      I haven't uninstalled NPM or any of the other modules from this server so I'm not sure if doing so would clean up the database. I wanted to get some feedback from this excellent community first on migration best practices.


      Anyone have any thoughts/experience in this?


      Will uninstalling NPM kill my database, rendering the new NPM DIW?