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    Feeling a bit like a guinea pig lately?  Don't despair, guinea pigs can have fun too!!!


      Here are some fun things you can do,as a guinea pig...


      Relax!!!  Grab a good book while you're at it.                  Go out in the sun, and don't forget your shades!!!            Go out for a good swim...                                 Don't wait til Halloween, put on a costume,

      guinea pig reading.jpg guinea pig cool.jpg     Guinea pig swimming.jpg   guinea pig armored.jpg


      Do some exercises.Use fake weights, if you must.     Grab a bite to eat... The healthier, the better.          Take a nap, with your loved one...                         Go rollerskating. And don't forget your shades!!!   

      Guinea pig lifting weights.jpgGuinea pig eating.jpgguinea pig siesta.jpgguinea pig rollerskating.jpg


        Play some fun video games.                                    Spend quality time with your loved one!!!                              Invite other guinea pigs and have a party!!!    

      Guinea pig playing.jpg      Ginea Pigs kissing.jpg                 Guinea pig party.jpg

        Other ideas are most welcomed!!!