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    NetApp LUN Usage


      Hey all I am trying to figure out how in STM I can setup alerts for LUN % Used. I can see the data on the SAN->LUN Info page but I can't find an alert to send out based on a threshold. Please help

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          Hope you're talking about SRM (Profiler) module. You can do that from Setting > Threshold Rules > Add New Rule. In the new rule, select the following:


          Section: Storage Array

          Category: EMC-VNX/Clariion specific LUN Performance

          Choose Instance: Any instance

          Condition: % Utilization and put the threshold value with operator.

          Duration: put the duration like 15 minutes

          Choose Action: Send Trap

          and Save it.


          Next go to Settings > Policies > Default SMI-S Policies > Rules

          Select that newly created rule and click the down arrow so that it moves to Selected Rules. Save it and click on Push in Edit Policy window.

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            I am using STM 6.0 not SRM yet as i am still on NPM 11.0. However this is thread is about the netapp's not the EMC's sorry for the confusion there.


            Any other ideas?

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                SRM (Profiler) is the STM module, so the procedure mentioned in for STM. The only thing is i've mentioned EMC specific values as I couldn't find LUN % for NetApp. But you have mentioned that you can see that "I can see the data on the SAN->LUN Info page....". You can either let me know which exact performance metrics you have mentioned,  otherwise, you can do it yourself from the above example i'd provided by just "Category" as "NetApp specific LUN performance" and select the "Condition" what you have already seen in LUN info page you mentioned. Hope this helps.

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                  Sorry, i understood your problem now. I confused LUN % as a performance metrics but i understand you're talking about LUN space usage percentage. The threshold rules doesn't have LUN space utilization category. Only Aggregate, Qtree, File System usage. It is advisable to raise a SR with support team on this.

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                      No worries i thought so but i was hoping someone had a work around maybe.


                      Thanks again

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                          @Azabielski - For block only - this is not really a work around but an idea as STM or (SRM profiler) does not pick up LUN space statistics as mentioned before.

                          Remember in the storage world, LUNs are dumb  ;-)

                          However you can do this from the server volume level. If you assign a LUN to a specific server - well then you can add that server to the STM (SRM Profiler) product.

                          Then in the Netapp details page go to Server Storage tab - there you will see a tab called Allocate Volumes - this allows you to choose which volumes from which servers you have connected to STM (SRM Profiler) to monitor.

                          Once you allocate a specific volume you will then be able to see space statistics and depletion dates (see below).





                          Hope this Helps!