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    Network Discovery Email


      We have a scheduled network discovery configured and the results show up on the Solarwinds console as expected. Is there a way to email the results out from each scan if new devices are detected? I don't see any options on there at the moment.

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          is this possible?  If so how?


          I also whish to see what nodes where discovered during the nightly network discovery as well as a few other people that dont have access to Solarwinds console, so we need to send the report to several managers.


          Please advise if this is possible and how.



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              Try this SQL, the DiscoveredNodes table holds the last run discovery information for the nodes found, joined against the DiscoveryProfiles to get a name for it.


              SELECT DP.Name, DN.[IPAddress] ,DN.[Hostname]







                FROM [SolarWinds].[dbo].[DiscoveredNodes] DN

                INNER JOIN DiscoveryProfiles DP

                        ON DP.ProfileID = DN.ProfileID

                WHERE DN.ProfileID IN (SELECT ProfileID From DiscoveryProfiles

                                       WHERE Name LIKE '<Discovery Profile Name>')


              Edit the <Discovery Profile Name> to match your Discovery Profile's name and run it Database Manager, MS SQL Studio, or create an Orion Report with it.


              Profile names and their history can be found with this type of SQL query:


              SELECT DP.Name --Disco-Profile Name

                    ,DL.[ProfileID]                                       --handy to know for the SQL query above

                    ,DL.[FinishedUTC]                                 --When it finished

                    ,DL.[Result] -- result code

                    ,DL.[ResultDescription]                          --result description

                    ,DL.[ErrorMessage]                                --NULL unless it failed

                FROM [SolarWinds].[dbo].[DiscoveryLogs] DL

                INNER JOIN DiscoveryProfiles DP

                        ON DL.ProfileID = DP.ProfileID

              --AND CPUMultiLoad.TimeStampUTC > DATEADD(hh,-24, getdate())   --uncomment this and it will show only the last 24 hours of discovery history



              Hope it helps

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                  Once you see the logic and how the tables work, the alert trigger should be easy.

                  You know the ProfileID for the discovery, you can now check the DiscoveryLogs table for its last result [Result] or [ResultDescription] and use this as your alert trigger.




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                      However, getting the results to display in the alert (email) might be the problem. You can write advanced SQL/SWQL queries and their result be displayed in the alert text, but it doesn't handle more than one result.


                      Wondering if anyone else on Thwack has gotten around this, without scripting the thing from PowerShell?


                      That is of course an option, call the SQL via PowerShell and then email your discovery results from from there, scheduled with Windows Scheduled Tasks.

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                          No need to resort to powershell and scheduled tasks, The easiest way to do this would be a scheduled report of discovered nodes, but if you want to get really fancy with an alert so it only notifies you when something new is found you could do it like this.


                          Set up a new alert with a custom Swql alert condition like below to find any discoveries that completed in the last 24 hours that found 1 or more nodes that aren't already in the nodes list.

                          where DiscoveryLogs.profileid in

                          (select distinct dl.profileid from

                          Orion.DiscoveryLogs dl

                          join orion.discoverednodes dn on dn.profileid = DiscoveryLogs.profileid

                          left join orion.nodes n on n.ip=dn.IPAddress

                          where DiscoveryLogs.finishedtimestamp > ADDDAY(-1,getutcdate())

                          and n.nodeid is null

                          group by dl.profileid

                          having count(dn.nodeid)>0)


                          I'd set it to reset automatically after like an hour, and then set it to only be active for a period of 30 minutes around the time when I wanted the report to show up.  That way the alert will trigger, stay active until after the "report" goes out, then reset itself and be ready to fire again the next day. 


                          Then in the body of the alert message you want to include this to get it to dump out a giant table of results.  (i haven't tested if there is a character limit for this though, i bet there is, if so I'd probably remove the vendor from the report to stretch things out more)


                          ${SQL:  SELECT isnull((select cast(dn.ipaddress + ' - ' + dn.hostname + ' - ' + dn.vendor + CHAR(10) + CHAR(13) as XML) FROM [dbo].[DiscoveryProfiles] dp join [DiscoveredNodes] dn on dn.profileid=dp.profileid where dp.name = 'yourdiscovery' FOR XML PATH('') ),'None') }

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