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    Combine Wireless Reports


      I am trying to figure out how to add the Access Points to the "Top 25 Wireless Client by Traffic Rates over the last 7 days" report.


      Any ideas?

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          If you're looking at autonomous access points I think you could do something like...



            TOP 25

            rc.Client_MAC AS Client_MAC,

            rc.Client_Name AS Client,

            Nodes.Caption as Node,

            AVG((rc.TotalBytesRxPerSec + rc.TotalBytesTxPerSec)) AS AVERAGE_of_Avg_Bps_Rx_Tx,

            AVG(rc.TotalBytesRxPerSec) AS AVERAGE_of_Avg_Bps_Rx,

            AVG(rc.TotalBytesTxPerSec) AS AVERAGE_of_Avg_Bps_Tx,

            SUM((rc.TotalBytesRxDiff + rc.TotalBytesTxDiff)) AS SUM_of_Total_Bytes_Rx_Tx,

            SUM(rc.TotalBytesRxDiff) AS SUM_of_Total_Bytes_Rx,

            SUM(rc.TotalBytesTxDiff) AS SUM_of_Total_Bytes_Tx


          INNER JOIN Nodes on Nodes.NodeID = rc.NodeID


          ( rc.DateTime BETWEEN DATEADD(day, -7, getdate() ) and getdate() )


          GROUP BY rc.Client_MAC, rc.Client_Name, Nodes.Caption

          ORDER BY 6 DESC


          But if you're looking at LWAPs I think that's just going to show you the name of the controller as the node.