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    Scheduled tasks?


      Is there any way to set up scheduled tasks (rebooting or updating servers, etc) in WHD? I'm still on 12.1 with no possibility to upgrade to 12.2 yet, since the server is still on OSX 10.8



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          I am trying to get this to work as well.  We need to setup a recurring ticket or task element that should repeat annually.

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              It is simple to setup a recurring ticket in WHD via the setup->ticket->task functions.


              There is no functionality to schedule and execute actual commands, reboots or updates.   That seems more a responsibility of something like Solarwinds SAM than the WHD.


              It would be nice to be able to schedule action rules instead of only having them run when a ticket is created or updated.

              For example some of our Personal request tickets are put into a suspended status and need to be reopened after two weeks to complete the offboarding work.


              To automate this I have to add a custom calendar field and use the sql server agent to schedule and do the work.  Less than ideal but it works.

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              The tasks look like they are more like a template that can kick off tickets ad-hoc.  I am trying to figure out how to schedule a ticket creation.  Specifically this is for managing customer license expiration.  For instance, we have several customers using a piece of software that expires annually.  We'd like to create a ticket and schedule it to be open every year on a scheduled date.  Very much like a calendar appointment...