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    Sonar Discovery Oddity - Nodes getting missed


      I ran into some odd behavior today when attempting to import nodes via Sonar discovery from a list. I had a list of 43 nodes, all either Linux or Solaris nodes. The Sonar discovery I used has two SNMP strings in it. The one that applies to these particular nodes is the first string in the list.


      On the first pass, 28 of the 43 nodes were imported. This included all of the Linux nodes and 8 Solaris nodes.

      I then tested from the "Add Node" screen to see if the SNMP settings were correct. They were, and when I clicked "test" the nodes I tested with responded nearly instantly.

      I then ran the discovery for the remaining 15 nodes, bumping the SNMP timeout to 5000ms (the maximum) and the retries to 4. An additional 7 nodes were imported.

      I continued to repeat this process, importing 4, 2, 1 and 1 nodes on the next attempts.


      Has anyone run into this before, and/or can anyone offer some insight on why this may have acted in this way?