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    LEM Alerts - Save to a file?


      I have an alert set up in LEM to alert IT if a folder on a certain server is deleted or moved.  Members of management want to be notified when this happens as well, and don't have access to LEM.  We're not giving them access to LEM for this 1 alert.  The alert contains HIPAA information so it can't be e-mailed, and as far as I know we can't configure LEM to send alerts through Microsoft Lync as instant messages.  The only other option I can think of is saving the alert as a text file to the HIPAA server.  Management have access to that server so they can just open the file and to see who was the person that moved/deleted it.  Is there anyway to do this? I saw the action "Append to file" but can't get it to work with the information needed to be in the file.  Your help is appreciated!

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          nicole pauls

          Yeah, "Append to Text File" only lets you save a single field (I think we have a feature request to append to text more fields or something like a template). I think if you use "send popup message" it gets recorded in the event viewer, but similarly it's restricted to one field or static text.


          The only option other than email I can think of is an SNMP trap. Maybe configure a simple SNMP trap service on the same server and set it to log the event to a file, then use LEM to send the event as a trap?


          Totally sounds like overkill, but lighter weight than email, I suppose...