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    Import .OrionReport file through web GUI?


      Is it possible to import a .OrionReport file through the web interface, or can this only be done through the legacy Report Writer? I'm specifically attempting to import the Node Down Time Report from here: Node Downtime Reports


      If it has to be done through Report Writer, I have to get someone else to do it as I don't have RDP access to the Orion server.

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          I maintain redundant environments with two SolarWinds instances per environment and just copy/ paste the file via Windows Explorer.  Depending on where you installed your application, you should see reports one level below the SolarWinds folder:


          \\server\drive\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\Reports\


          Can you access the report you are looking for that way?  Note that your file name may not necessarily be the same as the Report Title as seen by Report Writer (unless deliberately maintained this way).

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              I'm not attempting to export a file. I'm attempting to import a file obtained from here on Thwack.

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                  Regardless of where the file comes from, if you can browse the filesystem the way I described, you should be able to paste your report into the necessary folder (assuming Windows permission allow).  I move files this way frequently between redundant systems.


                  copy from \\your pc\some\folder\


                  to \\server\drive\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\Reports\

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                      I'm aware of that option, however I don't have access to the filesystem and wanted to know if importing via the web GUI was supported.

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                          Just double-checked my environment and it appears no 'import' option.  Due to that, and the need to move reports around like you, in some cases I resort to recreating as SWQL resources ('Custom Query' when adding resource to page).  Doing so allows for copying and pasting from one installation's website to another.  This is not my primary reason for using SWQL in lieu of reports (although it's a benefit when you don't have Failover Engine synchronizing these types of things).  Primary reason is attempting to future-proof these reports so they don't break from one upgrade to the next.  Secondary reason is that some web pages showed errors for accounts with limitations that I couldn't reproduce with my account (no limitations).


                          If you care to try the SWQL way, here is a query you can use giving similar info (add node custom properties to this query via Nodes.Customproperties._your_property):



                              Nodes.Caption AS DeviceName, Nodes.DetailsUrl AS [_LinkFor_NodeName],


                              '/Orion/images/StatusIcons/Small-' + StatusIcon AS [_IconFor_NodeName],



                              FROM (SELECT MAX(EventTime) AS DownTime,



                              FROM Orion.Events

                              WHERE (EventType = 1)

                              AND (NetObjectType = 'N')

                              GROUP BY NetObjectID, NetworkNode)

                              AS T1 INNER JOIN Orion.Nodes

                              ON T1.NetworkNode = Nodes.NodeID

                              WHERE Nodes.Status = '2'

                              ORDER BY T1.DownTime DESC

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