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    DNS Records Mismatch Report


      I'd like to build a report that mimics the DNS Records Mismatch resource in the IPAM summary.  Not really sure where to start with this (working on our first Orion box)...  I assume it's possible via the report writer or such?


      Is there an analysis component to this also, or is the data in the mismatch resource stored somewhere in the DB as-is (and not generated on the fly)?


      Thanks for any pointers!


      Orion Platform 2014.2.1, IPAM 4.3, NCM 7.3.2, UDT 3.2.0

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          Please follow the below steps to create your DNS records mismatch report.


          1. Go to Home -> Reports tab.

          2. Click 'Manage Reports' option.

          3. Select 'Create New Report' option.

          4. Ignore the getting started pop up.

          5. In 'Add content' screen, select 'Details' in the left list.

          6. Select 'DNS Records Mismatch' in the right pane and press 'Select and continue' button at the bottom.

          7. complete the 'Add Report' wizard.


          you will have a report like this.

          dns mismatch.PNG

          - Sathya. T