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    DPA Installed on same host


      We are a relatively small company with a limited number of SQL licenses.  We are also always trying to save money by reducing our licensing, so I was recently asked if DPA could be installed on a virtual SQL server that resided on the same host as the SQL server that we're monitoring?


      I was concerned that I would get skewed results from DPA due to the shared physical resources.  Is this the case?


      Our pod consists of three physical hosts.  What if DPA resided on a different host in the same pod as the monitored server?

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          DPA does the heavy lifting in the repo.  So your concern is exactly right, we don't want to create a performance issue by sharing the same physical resources.  Now, technically it's entirely possible to run the DPA repo on the same host as your monitored instance, but could have an impact.

          A different host within the pod seems a safer bet.

          Hope that helps.