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    Issue with multiple Inbound Emails, same domain


      Before I go and raise a ticket with SolarWinds over this, I'm going to ask here. I'm trying to add multiple inbound emails under the same mail server domain. So both "helpdesk@mydomain.org" (old email needed for legacy) and "support@mydomain.org" are both hosted on the same mail server "mail.mydomain.org". I can add each individually and everything works. But when trying to add both at the same time, I receive the error:


      E-Mail Account was updated successfully. However, the following error occurred while attempting a connection with the mail server:

      The server 'mail.mydomain.org' returned a 401 status, indicating the provided username/password is not authorized to access the Exchange Web Services site.


      Is it just not possible to have two emails on the same domain? I'm going to be adding more do different departments as time goes on as well. So I'm really going to need this. I will also be raising a support ticket for this, but a ticket doesn't benefit the community at all, where as open discussion does.