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    V16.2.0.328: Daylight saving bug still present, WTF?


      As a veeery long time licensed FTP Voyager user since 2000 (And I have a V9.0.1.4 version still running on W2K without any troubles for years) my first choice for a new setup on W7 was FTP Voyager again. Of course.

      But now I am very disappointed.


      Until last friday every scheduled task (Nine tasks every day) everything was allright, but with the last weekend here in Germany the summer time came into game. And guess what, since Monday every task runs again and again for an hour and floods my mail account with failure mails.

      I have tasks running once a day generating a single log for every day, before DST such a log had a size of 12kb, since monday they are growing up to 7,5megs and have about 397000 lines. For transferring ONE file!

      Ok, it's a SFTP setup with key file authentication and this produces a lot of auth lines, but for sure not that much.


      Hey Solar Winds, whats going on with your quality control? What to do now, re-generate every job and do that again every spring?