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    Brainstorm : Migrating Node/Interface/Volume Data using only a copy of the original database


      HI all,


      Here's an interesting question for you:


      If I had a greenfield site, with NPM installed, shiny new database and so on, and I had a backup of the database ONLY from my old environment, how would you go about copying the data from the old database to the new one? Assume both old and new environments are running the same versions of NPM.


      We're all familiar with the awesome post about the CopyNodes script:


      How to automate the creation of Orion Platform (aka Core) nodes from the API


      But since I don't have a host NPM server in this example, I can't use it (lets also assume that I can't spin up another server using a NPM eval license for the purpose). Whilst we could script the copy of the data from the relevant tables, would this work, given the SWDB's complex schema?


      In this example we're not concerned about the historical data, only the details. To make things more interesting, and to answer "Why don't you just use the old database?!", the new platform has NPM/NTA/NCM and other modules already installed & licensed, making this unworkable as the original database wouldn't have the additional tables/schema changes for NCM etc.